Frequently Answered Questions

Q1:  How do I register my child to play baseball online?

A1: To register online you must first register yourself.  Any registered user can then add a participant.  Click My Account at the top right of the screen.  This will present your account screen.  There is a link, Add Participant on that screen.  Click that link and it will start the process to add a participant.  Once a participant is added, you may then add available programs for that participant.  Click the Available Programs link on the My Account screen.  This will start the process of selecting your child's (aka participant) programs.  NOTE: You are not completely registered until you pay.

Q2: I do not see any available programs or I do not see the program I want to sign my child up for.  What is the deal?

A2: The programs shown are the programs available to that participant based on their age and availability of open programs.

Q3: How do I register to play up online?

A3: You can't.  You must request to play up in writing.  Participants born up to 3 months after the May 1st cut off (before August 1st) may play up without trying out.  Their request will automatically be approved.  All other play up request must complete a tryout in front of a coach and be approved by the Board of Directors.  You may email your request, or submit it in person.

Q4: Can my 3 year-old play T-Ball?

A4: Yes.  We have a Mini-Tees program for younger players.  A child who is age 3 on January 1st can participate in Mini-tees.  The mini-tee program is an early start program for 3 and 4 year-old players.  A 5 year-old can also participate in mini-tees if it is a better fit for that child as a first league.

Q5: If my son plays up, can he play down for all-stars?  For instance, if my 8 year-old plays Minor, can he be selected to a Rookie all-star team?

A5: Yes.  All-star eligibility is by age.  The manager may nominate any of his players to all-stars.  Once nominated the player may be selected to any all-star team that player is eligible to play on based on age.

Q6:  What days of the week, and what time of the day do you play baseball at Sertoma?  When does the season start?

A6:  During the spring season, we play games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  Games start at 6 pm in the evening, and we try to get our younger players out of the park as early as we can.  We schedule practices on weekday evenings, including some Wednesdays.

During the fall season, games are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.

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